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Welcome to Starlit Babies Doula Services - Your Bay Area Postpartum Day & Night Doula

Are you searching for a compassionate and non-judgmental day or night doula in the Bay Area? Look no further! As an experienced Bay Area night doula, my mission is to provide personalized support to new parents during the postpartum period, specializing in overnight care for up to 16 weeks after your baby's arrival. I offer a wide range of services, including emotional and physical support for new mothers, expert care for newborns, breastfeeding guidance, and assistance with light housework and meal preparation.

Contact me for a free, no-pressure consultation. Let me, as your dedicated Bay Area night doula, help you navigate this transformative time with care and expertise.

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Breastfeeding Support

I am trained to provide breastfeeding support to new mothers. This includes assistance with latching, positioning, and addressing any breastfeeding challenges you may encounter. Please note that I am not a lactation consultant.

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Meal Preparation

I can help with meal preparation during the postpartum period. I have experience preparing nutritious meals and snacks that meet your dietary needs and preferences. *Daytime shifts only

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Newborn Care Education

I provide personalized education on newborn care. I can help teach you how to soothe your baby, change diapers, bathe baby and help lay the foundation for healthy sleep habits. 

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Light Housekeeping

I understand that keeping up with household chores can be a challenge when you have a new baby. I can help with light housekeeping tasks such as laundry, dishes, and tidying up.

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Emotional Support

The postpartum period can be a challenging time for new parents. I am here to listen to your concerns and offer guidance. I am trained to recognized postpartum mood disorders and can offer resources for more support. 

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Overnight Care

During nighttime support I am here to ensure both you and your newborn enjoy a tranquil and nurturing nighttime routine. I handle nighttime feedings, diaper changes and soothing so you can get the rest you deserve. 


Beginning at $57 per hour (HSA & Carrot funds accepted)

I am committed to providing personalized and compassionate support to new parents in the Bay Area. Contact me to learn more about my services and how I can support you and your family. 

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