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postpartum doula bay area

Welcome to Starlit Babies Doula Services 

Your Personalized Postpartum Partner in the Beautiful Bay Area!

Comprehensive Postpartum Support, Day & Night

Bay Area, CA

Hello there! I'm Kristan Jennings, and I'm truly excited to be a part of your parenthood journey. As a CAPPA Certified Postpartum Doula, Newborn Care Specialist and proud Bay Area native, my primary goal is to ensure your transition into parenthood is filled with joy and ease. I'm here to provide unwavering support to growing families in San Jose, CA, and throughout the Bay Area.

Whether you're looking for expert postpartum care or nighttime assistance, you're in the perfect spot! No pressure, just a warm welcome. Feel free to reach out, and let's make your parenthood experience as smooth and joyful as it can be.

Your Trusted Bay Area Postpartum Doula

Are you seeking comprehensive postpartum support in the Bay Area? Look no further! As a Postpartum Doula serving Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Los Gatos, San Mateo, and beyond, I specialize in making your postpartum journey smooth and stress-free.

My services extend far beyond traditional postpartum care. I offer dedicated assistance, including comfort measures post-birth, guidance on breastfeeding (please note, I'm not a lactation consultant, YET), education on newborn care, emotional support, and practical help with daily tasks.

I understand the importance of a peaceful night's sleep for both you and your newborn. That's why I provide professional nighttime support as a night doula. With my expertise, you can rest assured that your family's needs are taken care of while you enjoy well-deserved rest.

If you're ready to experience personalized and compassionate postpartum care in the Bay Area, reach out today to learn more about how I can support you during this special time.

Bay Area Nighttime Doula Support: Quality Sleep for All

I recognize that nighttime can be especially challenging for new parents. That's why I offer top-notch nighttime support. My goal is to guarantee you and your baby experience tranquil, restful nights. As your partner on this journey, I'm dedicated to being your trusted resource for night doula services.

Collaboration for the Ideal Postpartum Experience

At Starlit Babies Doula Services, I firmly believe in the power of teamwork. Together, we can craft a postpartum experience tailored to your unique needs and preferences. I'm here to extend a helping hand and guide you through this exciting phase of life.

postpartum doula bay area
"Kristan is reliable, knowledgable, and meticulous to details that matter to the baby. We have a lot of trust in her by leaving our boy alone with her. She really loves our baby and cares about us. This makes all the difference between a great doula vs a good one."

XB, Sunnyvale

Personalized Postpartum Services, Including Night Doula Support

  • Breastfeeding Support

  • Newborn Care Education

  • Emotional Support

  • Practical Assistance

  • ​Quality Sleep

Explore a range of personalized postpartum services designed to make your transition into parenthood smooth, including specialized "night doula" support in the SF Bay Area, CA:


Prenatal Visits

30 minute complimentary virtual visit


Postpartum Support

Day and Night

You can expect a response within 24 hours!

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